Monthly Archives: November 2012


I’ve been on brief hiatus recently and I’d like to blame school and work (like I planned) but if I’m being honest, which I rarely am, I can’t. Sure, I’ve had a heavy workload from the two classes I attend in the evenings, but have I really been adhering to that schedule? No. Of course not.

Most evenings when I get home from work I sigh at the amount of reading I have to get done and the papers, outlines or annotated bibliographies that must be written and I promptly queue up some TV series or another on Netflix and ignore it all. Someone will inevitably text me, inviting me out for the evening and I’ll reply, “No, I wish. I’m swamped with schoolwork.” and continue passing level after level on that “Claw Game” smartphone app. I don’t intend to lie outright, but in the end I don’t end up cracking a book or putting fingers to keyboard (save for a few hilarious “my cat just did something” facebook updates) at all. I do whatever it is I’ve chosen to do instead of being productive and continue complaining about my “workload” like I tried to make a dent.

One of my favorite procrastination tools

Will I eventually get it done and get a pretty good grade? Probably. My procrastinating ways have always worked fine in the past but this time I’m up against a monster research paper that doubles as my senior thesis and the supposed accumulation of my entire college education. So obviously I’ll write it the night before. Anything else would be a farce and not a true reflection of my post-secondary experience.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t blogged because I feel as if this blog is part of my job. If I were to adhere to my writing commitment in this forum, then what would stop me from doing my homework in a thoughtful and timely fashion? It would be a clusterfuck of productivity and nobody wants to start down that slippery slope. If that happens, it would only be a matter of time before I start unloading my dishwasher instead of just using the dishes that are in there until it’s empty. Madness.

I did order new business cards for this word-vomit I call a blog, however, so I suppose I should make an effort to write new material. Otherwise it’s $5 (only paid for shipping. Win!) wasted and money that could have been spent on a dirty martini.