The Bee’s Knees

Today is supposed to be ridiculously hot (for Michigan) and in preparation I decided to shave my legs this morning and wear a nice, flowy skirt. Shaving my legs is a huge undertaking since I’m incredibly hairy, as I’ve discussed before. Nevertheless, I managed to scrape away the dense brush and make it to work on time and feeling comfortable.

Upon entering my air-conditioned office, however, things took a turn for the worse. I realized that my (sort of) smooth gams had already given up and bristled to the point of visibility. What a waste of 10 minutes in the shower! It’s mid-afternoon now and I’ve just about completed my transformation back into grisly bear. I am attractive. Always. But especially with glowingly pale, hairy legs sticking out of my too-big purple skirt. Oh yeah. Hot.

I guess it wasn’t the bee’s knees I wanted to write about, but rather the bear’s.

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