High Praise for Hot Hair

As recent posts about my crazy hair may have hinted, I went to get my hair done yesterday morning. Thank Gos. It was a hot mess of a hair-mergency. Normally I would have made my appointment at The Dollhouse with my favorite stylist, Sara. However, Sara made the decision to quit working for “the man” at The Dollhouse and spread her wings at the brand new (and fabulous) Roxanne’s Hair Studio. I wasted no time making an appointment after the official opening. I would have hair worthy of seeing the outside world again. I would.

My very profession cellphone picture of the front

 To celebrate my newfound optimism and because we like prizes and snack foods, my friend and I hauled our butts to Roxanne’s for their Open House gala on Friday night. Sara had mentioned that a friend of hers opened the salon and gathered all of her favorite (and most talented) stylist friends to come work magic under her roof. I assumed that since said friend was in her 20s, that the salon would be tiny but functional. Wrong. Beth Garner opened a huge, deliciously decorated and fully stocked hair studio. I was blown away. Everywhere I looked there were young, hip people snacking on yummy hors d’ oeuvres and sipping adult beverages through their mustache straws. If the open house was any indication, Roxanne’s is going to boom. After standing in the only unoccupied corner we could find, my friend won a raffle prize and picked up a great volumizing serum from Osis. I did not. Being the sore loser that I am, I suggested we leave immediately and pouted my way home.

This place is enormous!

The next morning we woke up bright and early to head back out to Roxanne’s for our mutual appointments. My friend had coerced Sara into coming in on her day off since she was only in town for the weekend and I took that opportunity to slide in for a cut during her processing time. I’m shady like that. Armed with iced vanilla lattes and the glow of our upcoming denastification we breezed through the doors of the studio. We were greeted by a smiling receptionist who looked too fresh and gorgeous for the 10am hour. In her defense, I think she wakes up looking like that. Beth, the owner, looked up from her sweeping and gave us a big grin and a wave seconds before Sara emerged to get started. Clockwork, I tell you.

Since the studio was no longer filled to the brim with hipsters and young professionals I was able to really get a look at the place. After surveying the area I came to the conclusion that I kind of wanted to set up a cot in the back and never leave. The music was current without being top 40, the decor was fun and flirty without inducing a diabetic coma and the atmosphere bred feelings of relaxation. I really enjoy a hair studio that is relaxed and professional without sacrificing a cool factor. This place is not pretentious. Thank Gos. While my friend got foiled I struck up a conversation with Beth to find out a little more about her background. She went to school in Tennessee and moved her southern charm up north (where the cool kids live). While working at Dollhouse with Sara, she said that she was going to open her own place and steal Sara away from there. And then she did. I know, I was blown away too. Someone followed through with their dream. That’s how you know you should trust her with your head. She gets shit done.

Put your booty in one of these chairs

I’m thrilled with what my hair is doing and I love the new place I get to visit every six weeks. I highly suggest you check it out before it catches on and you can’t get an appointment. Call them now. Ditch wherever it is that you go and start up a love affair with the ladies of Roxanne’s Hair Studio. They’ll make you feel pretty and I bet they’d even call you in the morning instead of sneaking out in the middle of the night.  They’ll talk to you about what you’re looking for, what you would do to maintain a look and what you feel are your problem areas. They are there for the long haul because if you look good, they look good.

If that litany of preachy paragraphs didn’t get you to switch to Roxanne’s, maybe this will: They have flavors for your coffee. If you end up waiting in the adorable waiting area, you will be treated to a fresh brewed cup of coffee with the flavor of your heart’s content. Everyone loves flavored coffee. Everyone.


This is better than my living room.




When you book an appointment, tell them I sent you. Oh yeah, I said “when”, not “if”. Do yourself a favor and get beautified or massaged at Roxanne’s. You’re welcome.

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