It’ll Be Just Like “Friends”!

I’m doing it. I’m taking the plunge and inviting a stranger into my home. I’m getting a roommate. I’ve been living alone (with brief visits from my wayward sister) for the past five years and it will be a big adjustment. I’ll have to stop and think before I go about my usual routine and scare a poor, innocent girl.

The girl in question is a friend of a friend. I think this is the best way to go about a new living situation if you have to do it. There is no pre-existing friendship to ruin with close proximity and I have a support system of mutual friends in case she ends up being a psycho. I’m sure she’s not a psycho (especially if she’s reading this…) but a girl can never be too careful. I have loads of precious NKOTB keepsakes in the apartment that I’d hate to see get caught up in a civil dispute.

I’m sure the whole situation will be fine. I’m easygoing (and hilarious) and she seems legit. We have similar hair and an overall similar aesthetic. I’ll have to find out what size shoe she wears…this could be a great wardrobe doubling opportunity. I just need to make sure I remember to wear pants while sweeping the floor to various 90s jams. As long as I stay clothed (at first) and keep my cat conversations to a minimum, I’m sure she’ll adjust quite well to my loud, hipster apartment. Maybe she’ll even teach me to be cool again. I seem to have waved goodbye to hip and have been hurtling toward lame for quite some time. I could use a nudge in the fab direction.

So, new roomie, if you’re reading this:

1. I promise to wear pants unless you say it’s cool to have “No Pants Sundays”

2. I will keep the boybands to a minimum while you’re home.

3. If you hear me talking to my cats just know that I am not expecting a response. Usually.

4. Yes, you can borrow my shoes.

5. I reserve the right to ask you to define any slang term or phrase you use without being called an old lady.

Welcome to my home ;)

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