A Little Behind

For those of you who saw the title and thought I meant a tush…you are sadly mistaken (and clearly have no idea what I look like). What I mean is that I’m always a little behind on Pop Culture these days. I used to pride myself on being on the forefront of celeb gossip and hot trends (because let’s be honest, what else is there?), but lately it seems as if the best I can do is desperately clamor for the scraps of pop culture floating around on Facebook.

Last week my FB newsfeed was peppered with statuses about Bo Burnham. I gathered from my classmates that he would be making an appearance at GVSU, but I had no idea who he was. I assumed it was a singer/songwriter that I didn’t care about (John Mayer or bust) or an ex-American Idol contestant I had long since forgotten about (wasn’t there a Bo?). On Friday night after working for hours to turn in a paper I had procrastinated on for months, I decided to reward myself with a little TV before bed. I browsed Comedy Central on Demand and came across a stand-up special for none other than Bo Burnham.

I love stand-up comedy so I decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. Here’s where the problem with a lagging sense of what’s “in” lies:

Now I’m obsessed with Bo Burnham and everyone else is “so over it”. He was already at GVSU so the hype has died down. I want to talk about his genius! I love everything about him. He is smart, adorable and his jokes include subject matter that makes me feel superior to others when I understand it. Those are my favorite types of comedians (favorite people in general, really…I mean…I really like feeling superior). I’m in awe of this kid’s genius and comedic timing. By the time he was born I was already standing atop my mom’s coffee table singing every word of “Please Don’t Go Girl” and my comic sensibility barely even pales in comparison to Bo’s. He is the Justin Bieber of Comedy. I say that not as a tongue-in-cheek comment about either one, but as a compliment to both. They are both adorable and too young for me to seriously look at, they were both discovered as a result of Youtube fame and they are both successful beyond their years.

If anyone is like me and way too far behind on the times, I highly suggest you check out Bo Burnham’s “Words Words Words” on Comedy Central (Or Youtube). And if you haven’t heard of Bieber…I really don’t know how to help you.

One thought on “A Little Behind

  1. BigL says:

    Bo? Shembechler? that legendary U of M coach. Bo? My favorite late Blue-Eyed Siberian Husky? Bo? Duke from Hazzard County? This Burnham is an unknown to me, but if he has a sense of humor sign him up & send him on to the Fox theatre in Detroit…after Mr.Sheen’s debacle they could use a real comedian.
    No Bieber fever here, however I do leave my house occasionally so I am aware of the licking lips, swinging hair sensation found drumming his heart out on you-tube.

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