Return to Normalcy: Pending

I have been completely discombobulated since acquiring a delicious flu “bug” last week. No worries, I am alive and presumably well as of this morning. It was touch and go there for a while, but it seems I will make a full recovery. I know you were all pacing your various rooms, waiting for another blog. Rest easy…I’m back and in strange effect!

This morning I dared drink my first cup of coffee since visiting with the dreaded Influenza all week. My normally caffeine-crazed bloodstream had been without for a week and that one cup of weak “office coffee” sent me all abuzz. With my newfound artificial energy I was able to sail through the day and even participate actively in class discussion after work. After class, however, the energy waned. I was crashing and still had a paper to write before midnight. Knowing that I can’t be trusted to my own devices whilst TV and my favorite faux-fleece blanket are around, I headed to my favorite coffee shop for some more caffeine and less distraction. As if on some sort of addict’s errand I ordered a large coffee at 9:30 pm. I drank every last drop while pounding out a beautifully woven, albeit completely bullshit paper on Othello, and by the time I hit “submit” right on the cusp of midnight I was once again, all abuzz. Silly me, I must have forgotten that I was now “post-flu Bettie” and no longer the hardened coffee-immune version of myself.

As if it needs to be pointed out, it is now 2:18 am; I am sitting in the dark with the faux-fleece blanket of previous paragraph fame, banging out a blog of all the random things sprinting through my brain while I was laying in bed, desperately trying to fake myself asleep.

Little nugget of randomness 1:

My first instinct when I realized sleep was not on the menu was to get up and eat something. This sounds like a fat girl thing to do (and I’d be inclined to agree) but I hadn’t eaten anything save for a few crackers all week. (Post-flu Bettie doesn’t remember how to digest things). My house never has matching food. I am not home to eat regular meals here, so whatever is in my refrigerator at any given time is going to be leftover pieces of things once eaten. For instance, I ate one cob of corn and some chips and homemade guacamole. Strange, but it hit the early morning spot.

Little nugget of randomness 1.5:

When I decided to give up on the sleep again and up my middle-of-the-night productivity level, the first article I saw on my homepage was: “4 Foods to NEVER Eat” with a giant picture of corn-on-the-cob. I wasn’t interested enough to read the article, but I did stop and silently curse my sleep-deprived, post-flu nosh decision before settling in to type this very drivel.

LNoR 2:

I’m 96% sure that in the middle of class tonight I agreed to co-write a play based on the concept of many various Shakespearean characters in a modern-day Reality Television setting. Patent pending. It sounds hilarious. Don’t steal it or I’ll blog about you behind your back.

At this point I don’t even know if the words I’m typing are real or made up. It’s 2:32 am and I have to be to work in approximately 5 and a half hours. I guess I’ll pack it in and take one more pathetic jab at the hay. (Get it? Hit the hay…but I’m not doing a good job…post-flu Bettie is silly.)

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  1. Ash-hole says:

    Please continue using LNoRs in your blog! I enjoy them 🙂

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