Background Noise

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve been clicking around my blog and I like that about you. I’m Kaira. I’m 31, flirty and thriving. At least one of those things is true. I write this blog in hopes that someone will stumble upon it, giggle a bit at an inappropriate time and maybe pass the word along.

I write. I edit. I make off-color jokes under my breath.

If you’d like to take part in any of those things, you can feel free to contact me at Or just leave me comments. I like comments.

2 thoughts on “Background Noise

  1. GypsyWhim says:

    Hey there Miss Bettie! You are definitely a born writer. I have read several of your pieces and, OMG! — what personality! I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style and your creative slants. Can’t wait to read more of you (you know, cause I assume after you get that degree, you’ll be lining the shelves of Barnes and Noble — or at least, I hope you will!) Take care now, GypsyWhim (a.k.a Amy Almonds from Irish Fiction and Intro to Creative Writing)!

  2. Loc says:

    Met you at gardellas on Tuesday. You were right, you’re very snarky! Haha

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